CGU Insurance Review

cgu insurance

CGU is a personal, commercial and rural insurer providing insurance products and services through brokers, agents, selected affinity partners and financial institutions. They are also among the top three workers’ compensation insurance providers.

CGU is the largest general insurer in New Zealand and Australia and is rapidly growing in Asia. They are also backed by the IAG. They are not just a company but they pride themselves in having a 160-year history in supporting the consumers through their times of need. This is how they have achieved their level of success in Australia.

If you want to find an adviser in any of the three domains (personal, business or commercial), all you have to do is visit and hover your mouse over “find adviser” from there you choose the category and the rest will be taken from there with the adviser you choose to assist you. It is as simple as it gets.

You can also call them at 13 24 80 during their business hours.

CGU has many happy customers around the world. The thing that separates CGU insurance is that they are known for being patient with the customers and also explaining the procedures to them. Some reviews online have claimed that with CGU, they were paying less premium than they usually did with other insurance providers before switching over.

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GIO Insurance Review

GIO Insurance

GIO Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products in Australia so you are covered during any mishap. The various options available are: home insurance, car insurance, business, motorcycle, boat, travel, life insurance, caravan insurance, workers compensation and public liability insurance. Look out for the premium you have to pay and how you could get covered in the times of emergency on any of the insurance covers that you buy.

Tips to save on insurance

You can easily save money with GIO, for instance, the car insurance is calculated based on the type of car, its age and the record of driving insurance, etc. Family discounts are also offered on car insurances– if any of the family members have GIO car insurance, you get a 10% discount on your car insurance. There are many other saving tips for each insurance policy that you buy. You don’t have to make excess claims every year and save up a lot by simply extending your policy with your policy holder. When you choose a policy and fill the necessary details and submit documents that are listed, you can make an online payment using credit cards, by post, over the phone, BPAY and also by mail. However it is important to note that the payment methods vary for different insurance types.

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